Phillips Head Vs Flat Head Bolts

Difference between philips head and flat head bolts

Phillips Head Vs Flat Head Bolts

Check price and weight chart of philips head and flat head bolts nut

Price difference between phillips hex head bolt and flat hex head bolts

The price of a head and hex Phillips bolt depends on its size, thickness, and other characteristics. The price of a Phillips Hex Head bolt starts at $0.18, while a flat hex bolt starts at $0.53 per piece.

What is a phillips head bolt?

A Philip head bolt is a fastening device that has a cross shape on its head. These bolts are designed to efficiently affix different materials in the system.

What is a flat head bolt called?

Flat head bolts are commonly referred to as countersunk bolts. These bolts have a conical structure with a flat outer face and tapering inner face. The bolts easily sink into the material as very little of the head protrudes the surface.

What are phillips head bolt and nut used for?

Phillips head bolts allow for a tighter fit with a nut than flat head nuts. These devices are used in construction, car assembly lines, furniture, industrial application, and non-commercial sectors. The torque and wear resistance properties make these bolts and nuts very desirable in the industry.

Check flat head bolts dimension and torque specification

What torque should I use for flat square head bolt?

The torque for the flat square head bolt is dependent on the size of the material. A square head bolt of size M3 requires a torque of 1.35 Nm. Similarly, for an M20 bolt, the torque requirement is 440 Nm. As the size increases the torque requirements also gradually increase.

How do you determine the weight of a phillips flat head bolt?

The weight of the Philip flat head bolt can be determined by multiplying the volume with the product density.

What is the diameter of a phillips machine screw bolt?

A Philip machine screw bolts are designed by standards of 4mm to 16mm.

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